Mark, Megan with inspirational pup Ruby.

Mark, Megan with inspirational pup Ruby.

Author Visits
The authors are available for school and library visits. Their presentation emphasizes interactive storytelling and creativity.
Write to meganmontaguecash@gmail.com
for information or to schedule a visit.


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Mark Newgarden
As a child, Mark Newgarden’s favorite pastime was drawing his own cartoons while watching old ones on TV. Mark grew up on Staten Island, NY, the oldest of six children. He made movies, collected comics, and walked the dog. When he was old enough, Mark took the ferryboat to New York City and attended the School of Visual Arts.

Mark has worked as a cartoonist, illustrator, writer and creator for TV, film, internet and multimedia projects. He is widely known as the co-creator of the iconic 1980s bubble gum card card series Garbage Pail Kids. Mark’s work has been exhibited in many museums including the Smithsonian Institute and the Cooper-Hewitt. Besides his children’s books, he is the author of Cheap Laffs, a picture history of important 20th century products like Itching powder and fake plastic noses and We All Die Alone, a collection of his comics and humor.

Megan Montague Cash
As a child, Megan Montague Cash’s favorite pastime was also drawing. She would sit and draw animals and stories for hours. Megan lived in New York City until the age of six, when her family moved to an upstate commune where she missed school for almost two years. After appearing in the movie WOODSTOCK, her family then moved to Woodstock, NY where, among other things, she walked the dog. When she was old enough, Megan moved to Brooklyn and attended Pratt Institute.

Megan has illustrated, designed, written and edited for numerous children’s magazines, media conglomerates, toy companies, and retail stores. Her clients include many museums including the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art. She is author and illustrator of What Makes the Seasons? and I Saw the Sea and the Sea Saw Me.

Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague Cash both teach at Pratt Institute and reside together in an ex-funeral parlor in Brooklyn, NY.

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