Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

“What an odd, sweet, surreal, and hilarious adventure from Newgarden and Cash. It’s what Crockett Johnson, Ernie Bushmiller, and Rod Serling might have come up with if they shared a bench at the doggie park. I love it!”
–Lane Smith

“Thoroughly inspired.”
–Kirkus, starred review

The clever circular plot is funny, quirky, and even suspenseful, working well as a wordless picture book.
–School Library Journal, starred review

“Eminently charming...enormously fresh and modern"
–Publishers Weekly

“Get Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug."
–Critical Shopper, NY Times

“This is one of those rare books that a parent who still has two brain cells to rub together can read to a toddler without falling asleep at the switch.”
–Boston Globe

“Brilliant...The art has a cozy, old-fashioned comic-strip look...there’s a lot of swift action, and it can be some time before the reader realizes that there is no text.”
–New York Newsday

[Newgarden and Cash] “know how to play for laughs by balancing out visual humor with sheer out-and-out ridiculousness. Impressive.”
–Fuse #8

–Family Fun magazine

“(I was) shocked and delighted...I found myself laughing out loud at the absurdity and approachability of this title.
–Practically Paradise, the blog of the School Library Journal

Very funny...the kids will love it for one reason and you will love it for the brilliant graphic design flourishes.
–Children’s Literature Network

A very funny book that will have children from preschool to elementary school laughing out loud.
–Kids Lit, Menasha Library

Bow-Wow deals with just the types of things that appeal to a child’s sense of humor. And I think it’s pretty funny, too.
–Armchair Interviews

“Appealing...simple black lines and dots do the speaking.”
–The Horn Book

“Utterly absurd and adorable all at once, this is the first in a range of children’s/all-ages’ comic strip albums in which Bow-Wow, a new canine cartoon superstar, is born.”
–Paul Gravett, On Comics and Graphic Novels

“It has the series of escalating variations and freaky non-logic of most kids’ books I liked at that age, and the satisfying, warm ending that kids like me used to demand.”
–The Comics Reporter

Silly and sophisticated
–Journal Star

Hurrah for another book which successfully ignores boundaries between picture books and comics!
–Write Away

Every time you open it, Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug is open to new interpretations.
–The Madison Daily Page

“A clever and unexpected development with each turn of the page.”

“A wonderful wordless book that preschoolers and even toddlers will be able to “read” and enjoy.”
–The Field Guide to Parenting

“Involving, amusing and even surprisingly surrealistic.”

“The story is simple--but the execution is intriguing.”
–The Free-Lance Star

“Entertains and fosters imagination and creativity.”
–In the Library Reviews